Our Services

Philosophy of Care and Services

Office Clouds We aim to serve our clients and support appropriate family involvement by integrating physical, mental, social, and legal health care.


Guardianship is a legal process used to protect individuals who are unable to care for their own well-being due to infancy, incapacity or disability. A court will appoint a legal guardian to care for an individual, known as a ward, who is in need of special protection. Legal guardians have the legal authority to make decisions for their ward and represent their ward's personal and financial interests.

Health Care Management

We assist our Guardianship clients with formulating a plan for ongoing health care management, with the client’s input whenever possible, including scheduling and coordinating transportation to medical exams. BCGN’s Care Managers advocate for our Guardianship clients’ good health and well-being.

Clients living in assisted living, rehabilitation and nursing facilities are visited regularly and their concerns are addressed promptly. The Care Manager’s role is to elevate the visit by creating a positive atmosphere of support and encouragement for each client. Whenever possible, the Care Manager will engage the client in a dialogue of their interests, hobbies and passions. Utilizing medical, psychological and social histories, BCGN seeks to ensure an integrated approach to our clients’ care—body, mind and spirit.

Trustee Services

BCGN’s Director is available to serve as Trustee of a Court-ordered trust including a Supplemental Needs Trust (an irrevocable Medicaid trust) or a pooled trust.

Life Planning

The BCGN team is available to assist with long-term planning and care management that can allow a client to remain in their home and to address any existing or emerging health issues. Should a higher level of care become necessary, our team can assist with formulating a plan for an appropriate placement.